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Bonding With Baby: Attachment Workshop for New Moms and Moms-To-Be

  • Almost Grown Play Cafe 18901 Hamilton Pool Road Dripping Springs, TX, 78620 United States (map)

Becoming a mom can feel like uncharted territory--from wondering what child birth will be like, to figuring out what items you'll need for the new baby. While childbirth classes are readily available, a key piece to motherhood is often left out.

Soon after my daughter's birth, I returned to graduate school and was lucky to be taking the Human Growth and Development class. I was living what I was learning. As I learned more, I realized a missing piece in educating new moms is attachment. While books about calming our babies and "what to expect" touch lightly on attachment, many "experts" expect us to automatically form a bond with our baby. They assume we are securely attaching to our babies and they are securely attaching to us.

This workshop is about attachment, the bond that forms between a baby and caregiver and is the basis for the child getting their needs met; needs include physical and emotional. Despite what we may be told, or kept in the dark about, secure attachment does not always happen naturally. Our attachment styles are typically learned from the type of attachment we experienced growing up. Even in growing up with a secure attachment style, other things may get in the way of attaching securely with baby such as perinatal mood disorders and other circumstances surrounding a stressful birthing experience.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn what attachment is and why it is so important for developing your baby's brain and nervous system (in simple terms for all mamas to understand).
  • Learn your own attachment style and what that means for building attachment with your newborn.
  • Recognize how to best form an attachment bond with your newborn--even through the challenging first few months of motherhood.
  • Learn what factors may get in the way of building a secure attachment and how to keep the attachment bond strong.
  • Meet and have an open conversation with other new mothers about hopes, fears, and challenges in bonding with baby during the first year.

This event is FREE and babies are welcome.

Feel free to contact Ilyse with any questions or concerns: