Survival Instincts

Over the weekend, I participated in beginning I of Somatic Experiencing training. This training focuses on body sensations and working through trauma stored within the body. While many concepts were familiar to me, this weekend was a beautiful reminder of something many clients don't know prior to therapy. It is a concept I was reminded to always share with clients and others around me. 

Our brains instinctively know what our bodies need to survive and trauma occurs not in the event, but in our body's attempt at survival and the incompletion of this survival mechanism. Trauma lies not in the event, but in how the event is processed.

In working with trauma, I am amazed each day by the resilience displayed by my clients. They often don't see their own strength. I feel honored to work with clients in this capacity, to help them see the strength they have already shown and explore the ways their brains and bodies have protected them through major trauma. 

Most of us have experienced trauma of some kind and yet we continue to move through the world. We are able to take care of ourselves, go to school, hold jobs, and raise children. Many of us are able to thrive following traumatic events. Though after effects of trauma may show in various ways: depression, anxiety, irritability, triggers, and more--the resilience of our brains and bodies is amazing and innate.

I am glad I can be there with those I work with to examine and work through those debilitating effects, and to help acknowledge and bring out the resiliency that already lies within. The resiliency clients may not have known they'd been tapping in to all along.